The company in the initial form began in 1948 from the family Chrisohoou with production and bottling of wine, ouzo, brandy, liqueur and vermouth. In 1977 Kimis Chrisohoou is wedded Betty and begins together the history up to today "ESTATE CHRISOHOOU".  
In 1978 are selected and cultivated an extent of 10 hectares in the region Strantza Naoussas and all the attention are focused exclusively in the production and bottling of wine. 
 In 1994 are manufactured a small wine factory with all the essential instruments of production of wine.  
In 1998 are completed an extension of already existing wine factory including a tasting room, space of production and aging and a small museum with various viticulture and enologist objects. 

  In 2004 are cultivated other 5 hectares in the region Gastra Naoussas.  
The tradition and the desire of parents they continue the three children: Katerina, that studied Administration of Enterprises, Nana’, graduate in Accounting and faculty of Viticulture and Enology (Italy) and John that works in various departments of property. 

Finally in June 2007 is completed a new wing that includes an aging room and a room of projection and promotion of wine.  



Estate Chrisohoou, 59200 Naoussa, Greece, Phone +(30).23320.4508 0, Fax +(30).23320.4508 1